Topics of the symposium include:

Climate change impacts on the cryosphere:

  • Impact of climate change on river, lake, sea and glacial ice
  • Polar sea ice and climate change
  • Impacts of diminishing Arctic summer sea ice on ecosystems and sub-polar climate/weather

Ice and offshore structures:

  • Mechanics and physics of ice
  • Ice/structure interaction
  • Offshore engineering

River, lake and reservoir ice:

  • River, lake, and reservoir ice engineering
  • Ice management
  • Effect of river and lake ice on watershed hydrology

Sea ice processes:

  • Dynamics and thermodynamics of marginal ice zone
  • Mathematical and physical modeling
  • Formation and evolution of ice

Ice dynamics and shipping:

  • Navigation
  • Shipping hazards due to floating ice
  • Breakup processes and river ice jams, freeze-up processes

Field and laboratory technology:

  • Remote sensing of river, lake, and sea ice
  • Instrumentation for measuring and monitoring river, sea, and lake ice

Environmental and ecological concerns:

  • Environmental concerns in ice-infested waters
  • Oil spills in ice covered-sea areas
  • Ice related chemistry and biology in lakes

Great Lakes ice cover and climate:

  • Great Lakes ice-hydrodynamics observations and modeling
  • Impacts of global climate teleconnection on regional climate and ice conditions
  • Ecology of ice covered waters

Proposals for special sessions are welcome.